PJ MacApline

PJ MacAlpine

P.J. MacAlpine, a paramedic in New York City, has deep ancestral roots in Alabama. Her great-grandmother, Jane MacAlpine, was enslaved in Forkland Green, Alabama by a white plantation owner named Jefferson Carruthers MacAlpine; the relationship of Jane and Jefferson Carruthers MacAlpine produced a son, P.J.’s grandfather, Francis Percy MacAlpine, who got an education at the Normal School (now Selma University) in Marion, Alabama and became a teacher and school principal, then a bookstore owner, and then an outspoken journalist who published a Black newspaper called The Birmingham Free Speech in 1902. In recent years, through DNA research, P.J. connected with a white cousin, Marcia Herman-Giddens, whose own genealogical research had revealed African American relatives in her MacAlpine line. P.J. and Marcia have remained in close contact ever since.

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